History of the program:

The program was launched in 2016 and has been growing ever since.

Mission of the TEP-Program:

Education has always been at the core of our company strategy in terms of community development, yet it was becoming exceedingly more difficult to award bursary opportunities. Our research over tha past four years shows that many students battle to pass the first semester of their first year at university, despite exceptionally high matric passing averages.  This resulted in promising students loosing their bursaries and joining the unempleyment pool of community members relying on grants and government support.  Further investigation proved that the students who were attending Tertiary institutions/Universities away from their homes and families were struggling to adapt to the distance and being disconnected from their families. 

In addition the level of English exposure and understanding was not on par with what would be expected of them at university.  They had very little exposure to the English language used at most tertiary training institutions and battled to understand their lecturers, complete assignments and studying from English literature. In order to address this gap the TEP program was developed. 



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