About Us

How Kitso Ya Boleng was Born

Kitso Ya Boleng is a tertiary education preparation program that focuses on the required fundamental skills, attitudes, and knowledge to succeed at tertiary level.

The program was launched in 2016 and has grown ever since. Research over four years showed that many students struggled to pass the first semester of their first year at university, despite exceptionally high matric passing averages. This resulted in promising students losing their bursaries and joining the unemployed pool of community members relying on grants and government support.

Further investigation proved that the students who were attending tertiary institutions away from their homes and families were struggling to adapt to the distance and being detached from their families. During the research, it was also discovered that the English language was not at the desired level expected at universities and most tertiary institutes.  This resulted in challenges faced during lectures, completing assignments, and studying.

To address this gap, the TEPP program was created.