Our Alumni consists of phenomenal and inspirational young people who are paving great way in the academic and occupational world. 

The TEPP Alumni has grown immensely throughout the years, with over a hundred graduates flourishing successfully in various South African Universities.

The impeccable work TEPP does on the academic foundation of the learners who join this programme leads to progressive change and the development of an intellectually strong university student. 


TEPP was a very useful programme to me and I gained a lot from it. I am currently studying Human Resources Management and I am doing my second year.
Nadia Gumb
I am writing this letters as a proud Teppie, I aim to elaborate on how much TEPP has come to mean to me and how much it has impacted my life. As a matriculant in the year 2017 young and confused. However, trilled about the next chapter of my life. I was at the stage of my life were confusion about a lot of things hovered around me namely; I was confused about the career path I should take, who I was and supposed to become, I questioned my selfconfidence a lot. However, an opportunity of becoming part of the TEPP family landed on my feet and I grabbed it with both hands. Being at TEPP was mind blowing, never have I ever experienced so much in one year. In short, I manage to find my identity, boost my confidence and find the right career path. hence, I also found clarification and understanding to other things like different ways of becoming successful in life, importance of caring, giving and working as a team. The people responsible for my discoveries were my facilitators in the TEPP program. Today I am currently doing my B.Ed. Degree at the university of the Free State. Attending the TEPP program made me discover the passion I have for teaching. Furthermore, I found it to be less challenging to adapt to university life with regards to managing my time wisely, working with the computer, maintaining a healthy life style and expressing myself, because I had already gone through the process in the year 2018. To prove, how much my confidence level has substantially improved, I have become part of the first year’s committee in my residence and I am also part of an organization called young minds which embraces self-expression through the beauty of Art.

In a nutshell, TEPP has come to be very close to my heart firstly, because I was able to stand tall in the election with my presentation which included the events and community service work which we conducted in the TEPP program. secondly, TEPP molded me in to becoming an open minded young lady who has come to appreciate diversity and the importance of forming connections with different people. However, the most important lesson that the TEPP program has taught me is to strive to make a difference in this world by paying it forward to the next person.
Yoliswa Mdluli (TEPPIE 2018)
My name is Galaletsang Gloria Sehemo,a proud TEPP postgraduate. I was part of the the programme in 2018, I'm currently Studying BSc Biological sciences with Biochemistry and Microbiology at the North West University Potchefstroom Campus.
The TEPP programme has helped me on many levels,I got a chance to know myself and be content with what and who I am. I got a chance to get out of my shell and be able to make friends.The TEPP programme helped me stand up for what I want and what makes me happy. The confidence I have right now is all because of TEPP. With this being said, I'm greatly honoured and Grateful to have been part of such a wonderful initiative.
G Sehemo