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TEPP Program

Tertiary Education Preparation Program (TEPP)

We are proud to advise that this is our sixth year of recruiting for the Programme, which is facilitated at the Kitso ya Boleng Bridging School in Potchefstroom, North West Province.

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Tertiary Education Preparation Program (TEPP) application form

You are required to complete an application form. Please complete and submit along with a copy of your ID, and copies of your Grade 10, 11, and Grade 12, 1st Term (2020) results. All your results must be stamped by the school for verification purposes.
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ALSE Education Project

Additional Learning and Support Program for Prospective Educators (ALSE)

The ALSE programme was designed to provide supplementary support to students who are studying the B.Ed. Senior and FET Teaching Degree and who are majoring in Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Sciences, and English as primary teaching subjects.

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ALSE Education Project application form

Our dream is to create confident teachers who are passionate about their chosen field and who want to pioneer change in their teaching communities. We invite you to complete the application today and become part of this dream!
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