Kitso Ya Boleng History

Midway through 2016, the year it all began, the TEPP students had their own hostels to call home and by the end of that year TEPP had their own building which included a lecture room, computer lab and hostels for both gents and ladies, an office, staff room, braai area, dart board, table tennis, big screen TV and vending machines as well as an outside life-size chess board, outside gym and a recreation hall fitted with a pool table, swimming pool, soccer field, netball and tennis courts situated in Ottosdal.

The dream became a reality.

The 2017 TEP-Program opened their doors to 19 new students from the North West and Limpopo.  Soccer and Netball were introduced as part of the extracurricular activities and Life Sciences was introduced to the Academic program.  The students had monthly social trips to neighbouring towns and visits to Sun City, Gold Reef City, Vodacom Head office and Monte Casino. These trips became an annual tradition.

The 2017 students were also the first to visit universities on private tours and open days.  They were also the first students to participate in the Ottosdal Night Marathon’s 10km walk/run which turned into one of the program’s traditions.

The TEPPIES from 2018 totalled at 29 students that came from North West, Limpopo, Northern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. The number of lecturers grew to 7. These TEPPIES were the first students to enjoy the program bicycles which gave many students the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike for the first time.

By the success of the past students and the shared dream from investors in this special bridging program, Kitso Ya Boleng opened their doors in 2019 to 39 students representing North West, Limpopo, Northern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. The 2019 academic program also introduced the split of English into English for Academic Purposes and Advance Reading and Writing.  Entrepreneurial skills and Personal Progress were two new courses to join the program, teaching students to be on the look-out for business opportunities and ensuring the opportunity for personal growth both mentally and physically.  2019 was the year to yield the Program’s first spelling Bee champion, debate teams and the opening of the mobile library.

The year continued to be the year of firsts.  The first TEPP reunion was held and a TEPP Alumni was created. It was the start of the Graduate program seeing a selection of the first TEPPIES of 2016 graduating early 2020. The first TEPP-Times was published and the first Tidols (TEPP-Idols) took place.

The final “first” will be the TEPP-Farewell chich will send 2019 students off with a celebration ceremony.

Big changes occurred in 2020 when the program had its biggest change to date. KYB moved to Potchefstroom and became an Academy with the introduction of two new programs. The ALSE (Additional Learning and Support program for prospective Educators) and KYB-Tech programs were born.